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More Fun Facts about George R.R. Martin, the new “Chief World Builder at Meow Wolf”

More Fun Facts about George R.R. Martin, the new “Chief World Builder at Meow Wolf”

Enter House of Eternal Return, a Victorian style house in Santa Fe, New Mexico, walk through the refrigerator, and you will uncover what an internet ad states is “non-linear storytelling that unfolds through exploration, discovery and interactivity”. The idea intrigued me.

Meow Wolf is not only storytelling, it is sculpture and art, it is music and fantasy, and extended reality content – all discovered along passageways and stairways leading to kaleidoscopic spaces, and magic portals delivering the traveler to surreal adventures.

The website tells of a team of millennial ragtag artists who had a dream for their work, a dream of different art than what is expected in this tri-cultural, artistic capital city. They worked to build a special place, inspired hundreds of volunteers to help them, savored their successes, and wept at their failures.

When it was clear to them they needed an investor, someone to bankroll them, they approached George R.R. Martin, a Santa Fe resident and creator of Game of Thrones, with ideas of a house from another era, strange dimensions, and secret stories. By Martin’s own admission, they pushed all his buttons and he agreed to support them by purchasing an old bowling alley for them where House of Eternal Return is located in Santa Fe. From investor in the bowling alley building, he is now taking the surreal experience of Meow Wolf worldwide.


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