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Missing in Miami

"Missing in Miami is a gripping read that has the ring of authenticity to it. Kathryn Lane knows what she's writing about. I loved the Cuban scenes. If Nikki Garcia ever decides to leave the detective profession, she has a future in the spy business. I'd hire her in a heartbeat." ─ James M. Olson, former CIA Chief of Counterintelligence, and the author of To Catch a Spy: The Art of Counterintelligence 

A woman is dead, a teenager is missing, and the partners of a vacation stem cell travel agency in Miami are suspects.

One partner is the father of the missing girl and the other one is the husband of the murdered woman. The widower is unreachable, having taken clients on a stem cell therapy trip to the Caribbean.

Nikki Garcia investigates the girl’s disappearance and, in the midst of conflicting testimony from witnesses, it’s impossible to distinguish victims from perpetrators. Following a trail of evidence, Nikki and Eduardo, her husband, assume undercover identities and fly to Havana, Cuba, only to find a world of deceit, betrayal, and espionage.

When Eduardo locates the widower, he attempts to gather sensitive information on the missing teenager and reveals more information than he should.

Nikki’s colleagues in her Miami private investigator office fear the worst when communication with her becomes impossible.

Will they manage to escape the fate they both fear? And what about the missing teenager – will she be found before it’s too late?

If you love women sleuths, crime fiction, and the mystery and suspense novels of John Grisham, Kristi Belcamino, and Isabella Maldonado, you will also love Silver Falchion Award-Winning Author Kathryn Lane's Nikki Garcia Mystery Series.

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