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Danger in the Coyote Zone

"Once again, Lane takes her readers to exotic locales with glutinous helpings of adventure and intrigue." — Robert Selby, screenplay writer, book reviewer, and volunteer at Killer NashvilleInternational Mystery Writers’ Conference

Nikki Garcia, a former fraud auditor turned international private investigator, travels to Mexico—a country where private investigators are outlawed—to find a missing child.

The parents are embroiled in a nasty custody battle, with each parent accusing the other of the girl’s disappearance. It’s an easy child-snatching case—right?

That’s what Nikki thinks until an irreverent, marihuana-smoking homeless woman provides an eye-witness account of the girl’s kidnapping. Following the witness’s account, Nikki goes undercover and infiltrates a ring of dangerous human traffickers. In the midst of despair and treachery, can she find a glimmer of hope?

When the mother receives a ransom request, Nikki is already undercover with the diabolical human traffickers and her boss assumes she was purposely misled and sets out on a rescue mission.

Nikki’s fiancé, fearing the forces of evil will prevail, starts his own high-stakes search to rescue the love of his life. In this gripping, twist-packed journey, will he locate her before it’s too late?

And what about the missing child? Who is going to save her?

If you love women sleuths, crime fiction, and the mystery and suspense novels of John Grisham, Kristi Belcamino, and Isabella Maldonado, you will also love Silver Falchion Award-Winning Author Kathryn Lane's Nikki Garcia Mystery Series.

"Coyote Zone is a dynamic thriller. The action is so fast-paced the reader never has a chance to catch their breath until the very end! Nikki is engaging and realistic. All the characters are well developed. Readers will have no problems hating the characters meant to be hated, particularly with the hefty subject matter Lane tackles.

With bad people working on several sides, it is hard to figure out how this story is going to end until the actual end. Clues are given, but the plot keeps twisting and turning so the reader will have to wait until the last chapter to know for sure who the bad guy is. “Coyote Zone” by Kathryn Lane is highly recommended reading for fans of the genre." — Paige Lovitt, Reader Views

"Not only is this a page-turning thriller with twist after heart-wrenching twist, but it brings awareness to the very real issue of human trafficking. Lane’s research is apparent and the reader feels a strong sense of place." — Sharon Marchisello, author of Going Home and Secrets of the Galapagos
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