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Revenge in Barcelona

"Deftly plotted with close calls, near escapes, and murderous plans, this ride never lets up from beginning to satisfying end." — Michelle Jacobs, US Review

Nikki Garcia, a private investigator, escapes to Spain with Eduardo, her fiancé, after a death threat on her last assignment. She puts the past behind her and turns the trip to Barcelona into her destination wedding.

A week later, Nikki and the love of her life find themselves caught up in a terrorist attack at one of the city’s major tourist attractions. As events unravel, Nikki discovers she is being stalked. Worse yet, she may have been the target of the deadly bombing.

The newlyweds must navigate behind Spain’s legal and law enforcement systems to uncover the sinister person threatening Nikki.

Weaving their way through Barcelona to get facts, Nikki and Eduardo further endanger their lives upon discovering a series of suspects, from flamenco dancers to foreign nationals. Will they be able to locate the would-be assassin and outsmart him before it’s too late?

If you love women sleuths and the mystery and suspense novels of John Grisham, Kristi Belcamino, and Isabella Maldonado, you will also love Silver Falchion Award-Winning Author Kathryn Lane’s Nikki Garcia Mystery Series.

"Revenge in Barcelona by Kathryn Lane is a spellbinding novel that will entice fans of thrillers and sleuth stories. Kathryn Lane begins the story in the midst of action, with the protagonist arriving at her destination. It is not long before disaster strikes and Nikki begins to sense that her life is in danger. The premise is strong and it becomes even stronger because of the background of the protagonist — a former international fraud auditor. It is hard to determine who is after her, knowing that her work often places her in the position to make many enemies. Revenge in Barcelona is quickly paced and the plot points are very strong. I enjoyed the fact that the key characters easily find themselves in dangerous situations. There is a lot of suspense as Nikki works hard to find out who is targeting her and why. The novel is deftly plotted and masterfully written." — Readers Favorite
"I highly recommend Revenge in Barcelona. A thrilling story with a well-researched plot - it’s easily 5 Big Stars." — Reader Views
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