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Rage in the Wilderness

(A Nikki Garcia Mystery – Coming in late January)

I’m really excited about Nikki’s 5th adventure. This novel takes her to New Mexico and Colorado. I’m already working on Nikki’s 6th adventure. That one will be published about September of 2024.

Many of you ask me why I don’t write four books a year, as other mystery authors do. For one, I do quite a bit of research for each story, and that takes time. An author friend told me to forget going down the research rabbit hole and just write off the top of my head.

That advice doesn’t work for me. I want my readers to get the experience of being with Nikki during her investigations, and for that I need to research, research, and research to get locations, topics, tidbits of history, and periphery information correct. And that’s the fun for me – to give the readers of my mysteries either foreign experiences or topics that are out of the ordinary.

If you like Nikki’s adventures, and I hope you do, please contribute to the story by sending locations, places, or countries where you’d like to see her in future books! Send your suggestions to:


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