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Rage in the Wilderness

With Rage in the Wilderness, Kathryn Lane has written another page-turning tale of relentless tension and suspense—an adventure into a complicated world of espionage and betrayal, of paranoia and forgotten secrets. Private investigator Nikki Garcia travels across the American West—itself a deeply mythic and mysterious setting—to unravel a mystery that reaches across forests and mountains and prairies, and from the depths of the national security site at Cheyenne Mountain all the way to the stars. Engrossing and thrilling—a wonderful read! 
— Lowell Mick White, author of Normal School

Rage in the Wilderness by Kathryn Lane is a gripping tale of unyielding determination and heart-pounding suspense. Join private investigator Nikki Garcia as she embarks on a journey into the mystique of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, where buried secrets and ancient legends await discovery.

Nikki and her husband, Eduardo, visit her brother, Andy who conducts hibernation research on laboratory animals and wild bears. The studies will be used by space agencies for future interplanetary travel. When raging wildfires in the nearby mountains make evacuation a desperate necessity, Andy packs his family and laboratory animals. He invites his friend and occasional assistant, Sammy, to go with them and bring his mules too.

In the chaos of the exodus, not only does Sammy vanish, but so do the trailers with his mules.

With Eduardo at her side, Nikki sets out to search for Sammy. She finds no record of him. He is either off the grid or is not the simple mule breeder he claims to be.

Their probe leads them to an international spy network.

Then Eduardo disappears. Nikki sets out on a perilous pursuit to find him.

She races against time, navigating treacherous terrain and ruthless adversaries who would stop at nothing to steal secrets from the heart of Cheyenne Mountain. As the line between friend and foe blurs, old secrets hold the key to uncovering the truth about Sammy and his connection to a past that defies explanation.

With danger lurking at every turn, Nikki's determination will be put to the ultimate test.

Will she succeed in rescuing Eduardo? Will she uncover Sammy’s secrets, or will the shadows of the past claim them forever?

Prepare for a riveting adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat, craving every page. Get your copy of Rage in the Wilderness now and embark on a journey with a female sleuth that you won't forget.

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