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Stiletto Gang Blog August 2020 – Lesson from Bon Jovi: “Do What You Can”

When my creativity slows, I turn to researching topics I’m writing about and that attracts my creative angels again. But I’ve heard stories of how dreadful writer’s block can be. Truman Capote spent the last ten years of his life speaking about the masterpiece he was writing, a work that never materialized and possibly caused the stress that triggered his nervous breakdown. How sad is that?

On the other hand, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, often spoke of his inability to progress on “One

So what happens when a writer hits a wall?

Recent news about a song in the upcoming album.

An Instagram posting showing him washing dishes, stated “When you can’t do what you do, then do what you can.” That inspired him to create the song “Do What You Can.”

The lesson in Bon Jovi’s action is to turn disappointment around when facing adversity. If it’s writer’s block or any type of setback, flip it over by doing what you can, rather than forcing yourself to do what you normally do. Until inspiration hits again!

If I experience writer’s block and turn to dish washing, I think my creativity would return very quickly!

Ever had writer’s block? How did you overcome it?

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