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When Nikki Garcia’s multinational company in Minneapolis, Minnesota asks her to fly to Medellin, Colombia to investigate fraud allegations...
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Nikki Garcia, former international fraud auditor turned private investigator is assigned to a job in Mexico—a country where private eyes are outlawed...
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Nikki Garcia, former international fraud auditor turned private investigator, escapes to Spain with her fiancé after a death threat on her last assignment...
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In this collection of short stories, author Kathryn Lane fulfills the promise of mysteries of the heart while also surprising you with mysteries of life...
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Lifeline on St. Vigeon’s Station

Not long after I’d arrived at St. Vigeon’s, I found myself alone at the homestead. The men, having risen before ...
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My Life in the Outback

Australian Wildfires Rekindle my Memories of the Northern Territory (Thanks to my Readers who suggested this blog series about my ...
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