The US Review of Books RECOMMEND Revenge in Barcelona

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Revenge in Barcelona: A Nikki Garcia Thriller
by Kathryn Lane
Tortuga Publishing

book review by Michelle Jacobs

“I had unfinished business with Ms. Garcia…”

What begins as a romantic getaway to Barcelona for Nikki Garcia and her fiance soon turns into a fight for her life with her enemies closing in fast to settle past scores. Nikki is no stranger to threats on her life and to using her wits to confront danger, so she is well-matched against the terrorists in this high-octane thriller. With international sites and multicultural flair, readers will be transported into a world of beauty and intrigue. From Morocco to the intimate corners of Barcelona, the suspense builds as Nikki closes in on villains and assassins devoted to their sinister mission. Deftly plotted with close calls, near escapes, and murderous plans, this ride never lets up from beginning to satisfying end.

Lane has created an appealing female protagonist who is smart, savvy, and strong as she combines her investigative skills, tracking prowess, and assorted allies in the persistent pursuit of justice. In Barcelona, the story unfolds against a backdrop of history, religion, and politics with references to immigration, Catalan independence, and religious conflict. Lane allows the rich culture of Spain to shine and emerge as more than just mere scenery for the action. The food, architecture, music, and traditions are highlighted as the characters move about seeking pleasure but sometimes finding evil as well. There are weddings and visits to popular tourist sites, luxurious hotel stays, and stunning landscape views, but also a terrorist attack, deadly assaults, desperate acts, and shadowy figures plotting revenge. Lane’s storytelling prowess balances the ease and the tension chapter by chapter. The assassin’s sub-plot builds next to Nikki’s seemingly idyllic vacation and wedding planning, leading to an inevitable collision that does not disappoint.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review