Backyard Volcano

and Other Mysteries of the Heart

In this collection of short stories, author Kathryn Lane fulfills the promise of mysteries of the heart while also surprising you with mysteries of life. Some of the stories are fun and humorous while others are ghost stories, romance gone wrong, or simply a fusion of fantasy and reality.

These stories contain secrets you’ll want to discover.

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Backyard Volcano

Patricia’s grandmother, Doña Toña, relates her happy memories of the Paricutin volcano, near her hometown in central Mexico, to her granddaughter. Doña Toña keeps the unhappy memories, those that made her migrate to Texas, secret.
The day of Patricia’s important quinceañera party to celebrate her fifteenth birthday, her grandmother suffers a massive heart attack and dies.
Influenced by her grandmother’s love of volcanos, Patricia becomes a volcanologist and travels to Mexico to study the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. Her grandmother’s backyard volcano, the Paricutin, is in the area. She visits her grandmother’s hometown only to uncover her grandmother’s shocking secrets.
Patricia learns Doña Toña’s secrets are as explosive as the Paricutin once was.

My Daughters Hand

A humorous story set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offers glimpses on the effects of the Spanish culture on weddings and family life. The bride’s father, Pancho, invites his friends to a local cantina to celebrate the engagement of the youngest of his 15 children, his daughter Sofia, to a New York gringo. As the men imbibe more and more tequila, they embark on an adventure to initiate Jim Hudson, the bridegroom, in the traditions of Mexican weddings.

Max’s White Sofa

A woman falls in love with an embittered divorced man. Her relationship with him starts unraveling when she experiences the ex-wife’s jealous outbursts and worse yet—death threats.

Tierra Amarilla

A Houston man rides his Harley through New Mexico’s glorious landscape and obscure back roads. While passing through the town of Tierra Amarilla, he accidentally gets caught up in an unlawful attempt to reclaim old Spanish land grants. He also encounters a dimension he had not expected: New Mexico’s haunted history.

Behind the Murals

Victoria, a young girl in northern Mexico, loves the home of an artist who paints murals on the interior walls of his house. After Victoria’s godmother purchases the house, Victoria is the only one who sees the murals losing their luster and mysteriously sinking into the foundations of the house. Victoria also hears voices emanating from the kitchen at night. When she investigates, the kitchen and the rest of the house are dark, but there is evidence that objects have been moved.

Do Turtles Ever Cry?

Awakened late at night from a recurring nightmare of her father’s cruelty, a divorced and lonely woman witnesses a murder outside her home. Her father is long gone, but the psychological effects of the trauma he inflicted on her as a child are very much alive.

Whose Family is it Anyway?

The chef of a small gourmet restaurant in Lake Tahoe sells her restaurant to marry the man she loves, only to discover that both she and her husband married for the wrong reasons. Will Zarah have the courage to confront her marital issues?

Baseball Over the Moon

Ten year old Natalia is a tomboy growing up on the family ranch in northern Mexico, where baseball is the king of sports. Her relationship with her father revolves around the game until the birth of a brother leaves Natalia grappling with her fear of being displaced by her father’s long-awaited son.