A Conversation on India

Through Photography and Poetry

A Conversation on India – A chap book on poetry – Through Photography and Poetry was born from the travels of two friends, Brenda Gottlieb and Kathryn Lane, after they journeyed together through India in January, 2012. Their experiences of India’s rich, plenteous culture inspired them to collaborate on a creative conversation using photographs and poems. Their love for the culture and people of India is evident in this creative joint effort.

What people think…

“This poetic and visual travel narrative is a journey of the heart and a journey of the soul. Through words and photos, Lane and Gottlieb pull readers into an intensively physical and sensual world, and then go further, into a spiritual world that is at once imaginative and real and compelling. A conversation on India is an exceptional work of art.”

Lowell Mick White, Author of That Demon Life

“This little book is a treasure, filled with wonder . . . both intimate and universal. Each page provides a unique window into a culture that has often mystified the Westerner. Where the photo narrows, the poem expands with insight; when the poem has special focus, the photo reminds us how much we share in common with ancient traditions and a people as they re-define themselves in the 21st Century. While Gottlieb and Lane share their own travels in India, we find it to be also our own journey into understanding ourselves. Whitman would have loved a copy.”

Bruce Noll, New Mexico poet and long-time performer of Whitman’s Leaves of Grass

Also Featured In:

In the Garden of Desire

I walked in a garden, hibiscus,

flowering azaleas and Mexican bird

of paradise, and I saw a hand,

not the hand of God, for that I saw

in much larger gardens—Bruce, Zion,

Grand Canyon and Monument Valley,

but this garden had a simple hand

with curled fingers, working fingers.

Reprinted with permission from Alamo Bay Press
Full poem available in Janie’s Garden Anthology

DSC00889 (2)


Strawberry Roan

Long, shaggy mane uncombed, windblown,

flying to the sky, the Strawberry Roan,

his hooves beating down,

dances on the ground.

Head thrust forward, nostrils flaring,

over the rocks he charges, ever daring.

His strong body, swift gait—

heaving, breathing, he’s seeking a mate.

Reprinted with permission from Primitive Archer
Full poem available at Primitive Archer Magazine