Coyote Zone – The second novel in the Nikki Garcia Thriller Series

Follow Nikki’s exploits in the case of a missing ten-year-old girl that takes you on a suspenseful undercover investigation through abandoned silver mines and barren deserts. To complicate matters, Nikki’s fiance – Eduardo Duarte – fears for her life if she continues her search, and he starts his own dangerous, high-stakes rescue mission.  Will he help to save Nikki and the missing girl or will he further endanger them?

See International Thriller Writers Magazine – October 2017 issue for an interview of Kathryn discussing Coyote Zone. (Click here to read)

Waking Up In Medellin

Nikki Garcia, an American woman, arrives in Medellin, Colombia to investigate allegations of fraud against the General Manager of Amazonia Steel, a local affiliate of the multinational corporation where she works. In her ensuing investigative work, she connects two accidental deaths at the Company to a much darker plot involving the man under investigation.

Pressured to discover the truth behind the intrigue, she hires a former CIA operative to assist her. Nikki also meets a medical doctor she soon finds herself falling in love with until she is kidnapped and wonders if he is also part of the sinister plot threatening her life…or is it heartless manipulation?

Waking Up in Medellin is a fast paced thriller with a labyrinth of back room treachery of international business.



Third Novel

(Currently under development. To be released in 2019)

The new novel will cover Nikki’s adventures as she is accidentally swept into a terrorist plot in Barcelona, Spain. How does the famous Altamira cave play into the story? Will the paleolithic cave paintings leave any clues? In the face of high-stakes danger will Nikki and Edwardo find heightened romance in historic Barcelona or will threats to Nikki’s life doom their passion.