Despertando en Medellín

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Pen-L Publishers released Despertando en Medellín, the Spanish translation of Waking Up in Medellin, to coincide with the 1st year anniversary of the publication of my first novel in the Nikki Garcia Thriller Series. The English version won a Pinnacle Achievement Award in 2016. The Spanish version automatically receives the same designation.

Despertando en Medellín, is now available on www.Amazon and

Jorge Lane Terrazas, a professional translator who also happens to be my brother, translated my novel.



Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the great Colombian literary giant, who wrote One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera, said he was always blessed to have great translators. Translating novels, as Garcia Marquez also noted, is a work of art. 

I’m not in the same category as Garcia Marquez, but I have great appreciation for a good translation and Jorge has done an outstanding job on my novel.

Praise, in Spanish, for Despertando en Medellín:

La novela, Despertando en Medellín, escrita por Kathryn Lane, es una divertida y fascinante aventura de intriga internacional, al mismo tiempo que también es una novela de suspenso donde la pasión, la avaricia, la venganza, la traición y el amor se encuentran en conflicto.

– Dr. Lowell Mick White, autor de Professed, That Demon Life, y Long Time Ago Good.

New and exciting sequel in the Nikki Garcia Thriller Series will be released in English later this year. The working title is Coyote Zone, but that can always change.

To me, writing is fun and a way to express my creative side. Administrative work also forms part of a writer’s life. I’m so lucky that my husband, Bob Hurt, handles that side. (And he claims he enjoys it!!!)

Bob and I hope you have read Waking Up in Medellín. If you liked it, please recommend it to your friends and family. And recommend Despertando en Medellín to all your Spanish speaking friends!

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