Waking Up in Medellín

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Setting the Scene Nikki Garcia is on assignment in Colombia, South America, investigating allegations of wrongdoing. Listen in to her phone conversation with Theya, administrative assistant to Sr. Del Campo: Excerpt from the Book “I’m so glad you called,” Theya … Continued

Name That Baby

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Name That Baby . . . names are important names identify names can be powerful   When it comes to naming novels, unique and specific names add context to a book cover and create more appeal for potential readers.   … Continued

Ever attended a Mexican wedding?

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Like weddings in India whose rituals are totally mysterious to the westerner, Mexican weddings can baffle people unfamiliar with the intricate customs and traditions of the culture. Read “My Daughter’s Hand” on the Short Story page of this website to … Continued

Begin in the Middle

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I recently attended a party of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Tribe, a band of women who love adventure travel, who gathered to discuss plans for the next big, daring escapade. The Sisterhood is an evolving community of sixteen women … Continued

Why the name “Barefoot Park”

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Barefoot Park, the novel, takes its name from Parque de los Pies Descalzos or Barefoot Park, located in Medellin, Colombia. Nikki Martinez, the protagonist who is an American woman temporarily working in Medellin, visits the park with Eduardo Duarte, a … Continued

Kathryn’s Facebook Page

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Please go to my Facebook page “Kathryn Lane Writer” and Like my page! Will be keeping you posted on the status of the book there and here on my web page.  

Why Would I Write Fiction

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Why Would I Write Fiction       Can you imagine a world without fiction?  No Jane Austins, no Anton Chekhovs, no Stephen Kings. Fictional characters can be larger than life, such as Mrs. Dalloway from Virginia Woolf’s novel of … Continued

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