Barcelona—Church on Tibidabo Hill—with Nikki in the midst of action!

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With Revenge in Barcelona being released, I’m devoting this blog to the location where important action scenes take place—Sagrat Cor Cathedral and surrounding park at the top of the Tibidabo Hill overlooking Barcelona. I snapped this photo when Bob and I were there last month fact-checking details.

Expecting to ride the funicular up the Tibidabo, we switched to a taxi when we discovered the monorail was torn up for renovations.

Fabulous 220-degree views made me miss a heartbeat or two up the narrow winding road as our driver frantically pushed the petal. I’d seen Tibidabo before but needed to verify my descriptions of the church and amusement park. Used fictionally, I still like to get the monuments as accurate as possible.

On to Nikki’s story. She’s been running for her life and now thinks she’s safe. The cathedral high on the hill has been compared to the Sacre-Coeur in Paris so she and Eduardo decide to visit the Tibidabo temple (not to be confused with Gaudí’s Sagrada Família). It’s here where Nikki’s life is in danger once again. The question is will they manage to outsmart her assailant?


A short passage from the novel:

Nikki stopped to study the crypt church’s ornate entrance with its three semicircular arches. Above the arches, a richly decorated semicircle with inlaid mosaic brought the entire façade into a unified design.

As they entered the crypt, brightly painted frescoes decorated the walls of the apses at the far end of the church. The main nave spread out in front of them with two more on each side. Each nave was separated from its neighbor by large columns made of the same Montjuïc stone of the exterior, only this stone had a smoother finish.

“Nobody’s in here,” Nikki whispered to Eduardo. “The calm is nice after all those noisy kids.” Nikki walked toward the main altar and leaned against a tall column on the right side of the central nave. Her head rested against the rock pillar. She studied the fresco painted on the hemispherical vault high above the altar.

Then Nikki heard footsteps.

Action is about to begin, but I’ll let you discover it when you read Revenge in Barcelona.