“Christmas Down Under…”

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On that first Christmas at St. Vigeon’s Station – my first away from home and halfway around the world from my mother and kid brother, I felt lonely and nostalgic. We invited our neighbors from Roper Bar – the policeman, … Continued

“Dancing in the Outback…”

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Growing up in Mexico, a country of extensive social interaction, where celebrations and boisterous festivities happen for the slightest excuse, turned out to be a total contrast to my married life in the Outback where my closest neighbors were 35 … Continued

Outrunning a Crocodile

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“Outrunning a crocodile…” Previously, I’d mentioned that our closest neighbors lived 35 miles away at Roper River Mission on the aboriginal reserve of Arnhem Land. A location not exactly close enough to borrow a cup of sugar in a pinch! … Continued

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