Survived Potential Dangers

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“Survived potential dangers…” I’d survived the mustering camp. Survived all the potential dangers posed by snakes, crocodiles, feral cattle, and water buffalo. I’d even survived booger bread at dinner that first evening. It felt so good to be safely inside … Continued

“Tailing a bull from a plane”

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“Tailing a bull from a plane…” We took off from a grass strip, and soon my brother-in-law leveled the Piper Cub. Instead of looking for feral cattle hiding in the scrub, he headed east toward the Limmen Bight River, a … Continued

The Writer’s Creative Mind

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My husband, Bob, and I were enjoying our morning coffee recently when he looked out the window at the fence of live bamboo. I’d planted it to avoid looking into our neighbor’s living room. And of course, I’d placed containers … Continued

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