Contact Kathryn at for both public and private events where you would like for her to speak, do a short reading and sign books.  

You can invite Kathryn to visit your Book Club to discuss various topics related to her books and experiences as an author.    


Upcoming Events

January 10, 2019 Presentation Rotary Club of The Woodlands, TX

January 18, 2019 Interview with Dick Schissler, Lone Star Community Radio, FM 104.5 & 106.1, Conroe, TX

January 25, 2019 Interview with Dick Schissler, Lone Star Community Radio, FM 104.5 & 106.1, Conroe, TX

January 31, 2019 Presentation on human trafficking, Glade Art Foundation, The Woodlands, TX

February 2, 2019 International Bilingual Book Festival, Houston, TX

February 13, 2019, presentation & discussion, Blanco Public Library, Blanco, TX

March 1, 2019, radio interview, Doug Dahlgren, Artists First Radio Network, Atlanta, GA


April 22, 2017 Rising Stars and Legends of Texas, Celebration of the Arts, Conroe, TX

IMG_0915 (2)

April 8, 2017 Bayou City Book Festival, Book Fair, Lone Star College, Kingwood, TX


April 3, 2017, Kathryn giving a talk at the Bayou City Book Festival about mystery novels on the Montgomery campus of Lone Star College. ( Great success and lots of fun.


March 11-12, 2017 Tucson Festival of Books, Book Fair, Tucson, AZ.


March 4, 2017 University of New Mexico Alumni Lobo Day, Austin, Austin, TX


March 2, 2017 radio interview, Dear Texas Radio in association with Texas Association of Authors


February 22, 2017 Reading Between the Wines Book Club, New Braunfels, TX


February 22, 2017 Tye Preston Memorial Library, Lunch and Learn, Canyon Lake, TX

Canyon Lake Library

Febuary 13, 2017 Golden Shadow Book Club, The Woodlands, TX

IMG_5965 - Celbrating Diane's brithday

February 11, 2017 Houston Author’s Bash, Katy, TX


February 7, 2017 Tanglewood Independent Living Book Club, reading and signing, Houston, TX.


January 26, 2017 Bridgeberry Book Club, The Woodlands, TX

IMG_5900 - Jean Cahill of Bridgeberry BC and Cici ----- 26 Jan 17

January 25. 2017 Ashley Green Book Club, The Woodlands, TX


January 11, 2017 Lynn Johnston Book Club, The Woodlands, TX


January 7, 2017, Lone Star College Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL), Montgomery, TX.  Kathryn was invited as guest author to join ALL members to celebrate the creation of the ALL Creative Arts Journal (ACAJ).


December 13, 2016 Carver Charter School, Houston, TX poetry judging


December 12, 2016 Lone Star Radio interview with Rick Schisler, The Woodlands, TX


December 2, 2016, John Cooper School Signature Series, book promotion and signing, The Woodlands, TX


November 19, 2016 Weihnachstmarket Christmas Shopping Event, New Braunfels, TX


November 7, 2016 Pilot Club  Canyon Lakes, TX


November 5-6, 2016, Texas Book Festival, Austin, TX


November 1, 2016 “Esprit International Montessori School Presentation, The Woodlands, TX”.


October 27, 2016 Talking Hits Radio interview with Holly Price, The Woodlands, TX


October 26, 2016 Book Chicks Book Club, presentation and signing. The Woodlands, TX.


October 20, 2016 Johnson and Johnson retirement banquet,  Arlington, TX


October 17, 2016 DeLario Book Club, Mebane, NC


October 3, 2016, Junior League Sustainer Book Club, reading and signing, The Woodlands, TX


September 27, 2016 Villa Sports Book Club, The Woodlands, TX


September, 23, 2016, Bulverde Library, book reading and signing


September 22, 2016 Lana Hazlet book club, The Woodlands, TX


September 19, 2016 Interview with Lou Girano, KTK Radio


September 19, 2016, Widmier Book Club, The Woodlands, TX


September 12 &13, 2016, Cheree Page Book Club, The Woodlands, TX


August 13, 2016 The Greater Conroe Arts Alliance – Pursuit of Excellence Montie Award was presented to Kathryn for her dedication and support of the arts

Montie Award photo

August 3, 2016, Trotter Family YMCA, book reading and signing, Houston, TX 13934683_1788164491404246_8118142347829177591_n

July 15, 2016, University of New Mexico Alumni Magazine, Mirage, interview



June 25, 2016 River Oaks Bookstore, Houston, reading and signing



June 23, 2016 The Forum, Senior Living Home, reading an signing


June 19, 2016 Twig Bookstore, San Antonio, reading and signing


June 7, 2016 Wine Between the Lines , reading and signing


June 4, 2016 Murder by the Book Bookstore 4:30 PM, Houston


June 2, 2016 Mexican Ladies of The Woodlands, book club, reading and signing


May 5, 2016 – Reading in Woodlands with a travel group interested in Colombia

IMG_3335 (1)

May 4, 2016 – Book Club reading in The Woodlands



April 30, 2016 – Dallas Book Festival – PUBLIC EVENT

April 27, 2016 – Reading and book signing at Blanco Public Library


April 23, 2016v– Book signing at Hastings in Conroe – PUBLIC EVENT

Denton Book Festival -April 9, 2016


San Antonio Fest – April 2, 2016


 Houston Authors Bash- Katy, TX February 20, 2016


Washington Carver Charter School, Houston, TX Poetry judging, Dec 8, 2015

12316613_1696298310590865_4571709817365008493_n (1)

Emily Dickinson Poetry Celebration – December 2015 – Poetry Reading

Attended Montgomery Pops Art Fest, Conroe, TX, Nov 13, 2015